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you can actually see anna’s eyes screaming for help

what am i doing in this movie

the paycheck wasnt worth it

i regret this decision greatly


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"And he’s always right." [x]

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42 year old teenager Richard Armitage on receiving Orcrist at the end of filming The Hobbit

For Lollypop

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I’m a little late to the draw a centaur day thing, but here we go. First pass walk cycle. Experimented with a few things. Need to fix 20 things like that foot that’s sticking and a few weird jumps and some offset and a weird cushion… I’ll just shut up now.

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Via Schtaky with thanks to Lickal0lli for the translation

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"It’s the leader of the Guardians in the flesh!"

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Tyson the Swan

Tyson will attack you if you come within a two-mile stretch of the Grand Union Canal in Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire. Joe Davies learned this the hard way and capsized.


Swans have killed people before by preventing them from getting out the water

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Throw ya hands in the air if you’s a true playa 

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